Serendipity Stables and Riding School
Serendipity Riding School
Shaping  tomorrow's riders is a big responsibility,
and one that we at the Serendipity Riding School take very seriously. 
 All students are started with dressage basics
 and an understanding of horsemanship
and how it serves to make for better riders.
Whether the goal is to show or to head out on the trail,
lessons are the same - with an emphasis first on safety
and next on horsemanship, with everything else following behind.
Ring work leads to work in the field;
flatwork and jumping basics are given equal time,
and the end result is incredibly well rounded riders
who exhibit a variety of riding skills.
Students learn to catch,  groom and tack the horse
before they may ride. 
They also learn to care for the horse after the lesson,
and many choose to spend their free time  at the barn,
helping care for the horses, cleaning stalls or just hanging out.
Students begin on the longe line,
learning balance and respect for the horse. 
From the beginning they are taught not to rely upon the rail for security,
but rather to interact  with the horse as a partner.
We start with private lessons,
believing that one-on-one promotes a better learning experience. 
Our students generally progress at a rapid rate
and move on to bigger challenges quickly! 
Riders always have the freedom to request individual sessions,
when learning something new,
or working through explaining something to the horse,
but most students also enjoy riding with each other,
watching and learning from each other
(both successes and oops moments)
and even doing some teaching of each other
when one is more familiar with a skill or a horse than the other.
Success is not measured by awards won in the showring,
 but by smiles on faces at the end of the day. 
Show wins are but one of the things that can put such a smile there!
 The ability to enjoy one's horse
and to feel confident that not only are we asking for his best,
but we are giving him our best -
these are the things for which we strive.
For specifics about lessons,
go here
At the SRS, setting goals and striving to achieve them
is an important learning tool. 
Competition is a good way to measure progress,
but the conventional showring
is but one of the ways to test our skills. 
For more information on the variety of things
 we do to push ourselves, go here

At the end of the day, what makes me happy more than anything else
is that my students not only choose to spend as much time at the barn as they can,
but that they've also formed real and lasting friendships,
with each other, with the horses, and with me,
and that they've learned responsibility and integrity,
qualities that will serve them long after they leave the barn. 
I am still in contact with many of our former students,
five, ten and nearly fifteen years after they went to college,
moved across country
or chose paths for their lives that don't presently include
time at Serendipity.
Whether you've never ridden a horse,
or are a lifelong rider who feels like there's more you could be doing -
come join the fun.
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