Serendipity Stables and Riding School
Boarding:  $320 per month includes:
        stall, turnout, feed, hay, hoof trims, deworming,
                and Omega Horseshine supplement

At this time we are full to the brim
 and I am not accepting new boarders -
 but it never hurts to ask :-)
School lessons:
        We offer lessons to riders of all ages and skill levels. 
Riders begin with strictly one-on-one lessons,
and then we do a combination of private and group lessons
depending on what the student is working on. 

People ask me all the time "how long is a lesson"
and the answer is,
 "it's how long it needs to be for us to accomplish what we need to do".
 In the beginning, that's determined by the rider's stamina.
 Later on, it's how long it takes to get the horse to do what we ask it,
or to learn a new thing,
or to make the instructor say "ah... that's what I was looking for!"

                $120 per month for four weekly lessons

Upon reaching a safety level,
 riders are entitled to extra practice sessions
at no extra charge, subject to horse availability.

Due to the growth of the program,
 we no longer offer lessons other than in monthly packages. 
Trial rides for riders who have ridden elsewhere and want to try Serendipity
are available for $25 for a single lesson.  Occasionally I can be convinced to do a single ride
as a birthday or anniversary gift for someone,
so if you like what you see but aren't willing to commit to a month - just ask!

Haul in lessons are available on a limited basis.
        Contact for more info

Training for boarded horses is available monthly,
 weekly, and on an as-needed basis.
Rates vary according to the needs of the individual horse.

Training for outside horses:
        Starting under saddle:  90 day minimum, $500 per month
  Continuing education: 30 day minimum, board plus schooling sessions,   
                         priced according to individual needs.
Go here for more information on training principles
If the information you seek is not listed,  please contact or call (336) 575 8255
Lessons, Boarding and Training at Serendipity
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