Matselleste Arabian Training
We are a full service training facility
for starting young horses under saddle,
show ring preparation, continuing education,
and making good solid citizens.
We can offer training in:
        Western Pleasure
        Hunter Under Saddle
        Arabian Native Costume
After twenty years of success in the show ring,
it's been proven  to me that a good horse is a good horse.
  Arabians are my favorites for sure
but I've had success and enjoyment with other horses.
  All benefit from what I've learned from my Arabs .
Our horses are horses first and anything else second. 
All horses enjoy turnout with friends
and are ridden in pastures and on trails in addition to ring schooling.
  That doesn't work for a lot of people
and it's one reason I no longer actively train for the public.
I've been a long time arriving at my views on how horses should live
and I stand by them,
and I'm unwilling to change them simply to win a silly ribbon.
There are more important concerns and ,
more to the point,
my horses are proof that a horse can live like a horse
and still be competative.
We believe happy horses are healthy horses,
and healthy horses are more inclined to work harder
which means success at whatever the rider wants -
whether it involves the opinion of someone else, or not.
All training, regardless of the ultimate goal,
utilizes dressage basics and emphasizes good horsemanship and safety.
Owner involvement is highly encouraged
at all points during the training process
and the goal is to progress to the point
where the owner does all of the riding with lessons and guidance as needed.
As with everything else we do,
what you put into your horse's education
is what you will get out of it -
so if you're looking for a program that will help you and your horse
be as much as you can be
come check us out!

Training rates and information can be found here

email or call (336) 575 8255
In memory of  Matselleste

For more on the other horses that made me the horseman that I am, read this
I want to teach people who want to learn,
whether it be on my horses or theirs. 
I want to make horses that are a pleasure to ride,
whether I see them again or not.
These are the principles I strive for,
in my teaching and my training.
When someone "gets it"-
horse or human -
it's the greatest moment ever.
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