Serendipity Stables and Riding School
Serendipity Stables
910 Mock Rd
High Point, NC 27265
Built in 1941 at the corner of Mock and Johnson Roads,
 on the historic Mock property (home of the haunted house!)
this grand old barn boasts twelve stalls,
tack room, office, feed and hay rooms and a "student stuff" room.
Wooden fence encloses twelve acres of pasture
where the horses spend most of their time.
Because we believe that horses should live as horses,
while each has his own stall, they live outside, in one big herd.
At Serendipity, an emphasis is placed upon harmony and understanding of the horse,
whether it be in riding, living arrangements or general care.
The horses are barefoot and work under the Natural Trim care
of trainer/instructor/manager Victoria Adkins. 
Students learn the rudiments of hoof trimming
and if they show aptitude and interest,
are encouraged to expand their knowledge.
All horses are regularly massaged by their owners and/or students,
with the addition of some accupressure and fascia work.
We have a "movement specialist" and a chiropractor who assist us
 in making our horses as comfortable as they can be while doing their jobs.
A minimum of chemicals are used to treat flies and parasites,
the primary component of diet is grass and hay,
and the horses are all fat and glossy!
A 240' x 120' fenced sand arena is available for those who want to school in an enclosure;
when feeling more adventurous, the pastures are wonderful for a variety of riding experiences,
including the cross country style jumps scattered throughout.
A great emphasis is placed upon individual growth and pursuit of goals,
whether those goals involve competing,
 galloping across a field comfortably,
or riding the perfect circle.
While we seldom travel out for shows,
because that is not our focus,
we hold competitions of several types at home,
as well as trips out for cross country schooling.
Game Days and clinics are held at Serendipity as well,
to provide a well-rounded balance
of fun and learning for boarders, horses and students alike!
In sum, at Serendipity we encourage a harmonius and positive relationship
 between horses and humans,
which leads to the most content and well behaved horses
 and the very best rides!  
We are fortunate to have boarders and students
who are among the most wonderful people in the Triad,
who support our philosophies
and understand the importance of horses being horses
and that what you put into the relationship with the horses
 is what you will get back from it.
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