Serendipity Stables and Riding School
Upcoming Events
(otherwise known as more torture!)

2017 was a tough year for me personally,
but the best yet for Serendipity.

My students continue to amaze me with not just their progress,
but their hunger for learning and doing and advancing.
You guys make me smile every day,
even when you make me stamp my feet and shout.
I'm lucky to work with each and every one of you.
Go hard or go home!

This year marks Serendipty's FIFTEENTH birthday.

To all the people who have supported me these fifteen years,
I say a wholehearted THANK YOU.

To those who said I wouldn't make it two years
(and you know who you are)
I say... IN YOUR EYE!

Come to our birthday party,
January 20th
it will be sure to be big and loud
and filled with Pam's great cooking.

Up ahead,
we're having a Nation's Cup format jumping competition in April.
Open Barn in May will feature a falcon.
Need I say more?
XC schooling at Hillcrest (best place EVER)
one or more Little Days
new T shirts and jackets for Serendipity peeps,
collected gaits, oxers, skinnies, spread fences,
brush, half pass, shoulder in, counter canter,
and most of all - more (correct) leg!!!

Watch for more details!

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