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                        Zodiac Matador
                                                RO Fanciray

                                                Fire Chief
                        Moniet Sherie
                        Zodiac Matador
                                                RO Fanciray


                                                MS Ellusion        
                        LMC Selleste
                                                Le Sagaa
In 1996 I went looking for my first horse.
I had a definite idea of what I wanted -
chestnut, four socks, white on the face,
Zodiac Matador breeding.
After much searching, I found her -
a three year old Matador granddaughter in Alberta, Canada.
It took eight long months for her to get to me,
but on Halloween 1996 Celeste came to live with me.
She was unhandled and wary of humans and frankly,
didn't see any reason why she should have been taken from her hundreds of acres of tundra
and carried in a moving box for hundreds of miles and caged up in a box.
She was skinny and opinionated and had no use for me whatsoever - and she was perfect.
Over the next ten years, Celeste was my greatest teacher.
Together, we learned how to be a great team in the show ring and we've got blue ribbons to prove it.
She taught me how to listen to a horse
and I taught her that humans aren't all bad.
She was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and my reason for all the things that I did.
I miss her every single day.
There are other horses in my life and I love them
but there will never ever be another horse
who means to me what Celeste did, and does.